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27 December 2008 @ 08:32 am
ALL POSTS FROM zero_kiriyuu HAVE MOVED TO xcrystallisx.

This may seem sudden, but I have moved almost all previous posts here (minus the musicals, which I'm in the process of moving) to my new comm xcrystallix. I wanted a fresh start and something a bit more organized and that could be accessed through my main LJ account without having to log in and out of two seperate LJs. So I created xcrystallisx with the purpose to upload anime and discographies, but also tv shows, foreign dramas, movies, musicals, and more. I've even posted some new entires that were not uploaded here in zero_kiriyuu. All entries there will be public for 48 hours and then member locked. Membership is also moderated but you will be easily accepted if you fit the requirements and read the rules.

I'm sorry if this has inconvenieced anyone seeing as how you will have to join to see the older posts. I have already set all previous entries to 'Private' and will be deleting them one by one as time goes by.

The good news? If you join you'll get members-only perks only available to the memebers of my comm that will not be crossposted anywhere else. :D

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join! But don't forget to read the rules first okay? ;D