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Zero Kiriyuu


This is the graphics and/or media journal for kairi_jaganshi. Updates may be few and far between with random updates of either graphics, FSTs, and iPod format dramas or anime.

Birthday: 02.14.1990
Main LJ: kairi_jaganshi
LJ Status: Public (For now)
Purpose: To upload various things for the public's entertainment

1) NO HOTLINKING. You may however, link the entry where the files are uploaded. But if I find out that people are hotlinking or anything of the sort I'll have to make this LJ friends only.
2) No wank. Period. If I find any of it, I will delete your comment without warning.
3) Refer to the F.A.Q. for general questions. If you have a question, however, that is not answered there you can either private message me or email me.

Q: What converter did you use for the .mp4 files?
A: Jodix Free iPod Video Converter
Q: Where can I download this program?
A: Just go to jodix.com
Q: I can't play the .mp4 file! What program do I need?
A: Generally if you want to play an .mp4 file, you would play it on Quicktime or in iTunes. VLC Player is also a program that plays practically any type of file, including .mp4 files.
Q: Can you upload [insert video] here?
A: I only upload videos/series/etc. that interest me. If I ever to decide to make a request thread, I shall make a post. Until then, don't request unless a link is dead and it needs to be reuploaded. But most likely if I make a thread, it will be a recommedation thread. You rec me a certain series to watch/upload and I'll look into it. If I like it enough I'll upload it here. If not, I won't. Simple as that.


coding by tainee.
You can style the credit section as you wish, as long as the credit is there. ♥